Congratulations to New Honors Partners!

As you may know – and if you don’t, may I redirect you to this blog post – one of the three steps to graduating with additional Honors Distinction is Honors Partnership. A student earns Honors Partnership through active participation in the Honors community–attending events, contributing to the blog, or volunteering, just to give a few examples. 10 Honors Points, earned through attending events and participating in Honors opportunities, will earn you Honors Partnership. Once students earn Partnership, they are able to move on to Scholarship and Leadership, the other components necessary for Distinction, which then earns them a special medal and cord at graduation, a special senior ceremony, and your name on a plague in the Honors Office.

We are excited to announce that we have a new group of students who have earned Partnership! Thank you all for your contributions to our community!

To celebrate this achievement, the Honors Partner ceremony will take place at Friday’s HSG meeting in ALH 207 at 2:30. There will be special catering provided to celebrate, and a gift and certificate awarded to our new Partners!

Spring 2022 Honors Partnership Students

  • Gerardo Avila
  • Isabel Cartwright
  • Rayn Chanthaphone
  • Sarayna Conde
  • Jessica Correa

Jessica Correa is a freshmen majoring in Animation BFA with a Cinema concentration. Thus far they have been a founding member of DePaul’s new club The 50/50 Club: A WIA Student Club as their Treasurer and Event Coordinator, as well as a part of The Social Transformative Research Collaborative (STRC) Summer Institute. Career wise, they aspire to be a creator in producing their own show, webcomic, as well as own production studio that gives opportunities to those who strive to be in the entertainment field but lacks the means or resources to do so.

  • Melissa Gomez
  • Ana Gomez

Ana is a freshman perusing her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a concentration in Cellular and Molecular Biology and a minor in Chemistry. After graduation, she hopes to go on to Veterinary School to earn her DVM. She hopes to become a Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon.Her favorite thing about the Honors program so far has been her Honors Religion class.

  • Laura Gomez Anez

Laura Gomez is a freshman this year, majoring in psychology and French and is looking forward to becoming a CQM and studying abroad in France next year. Her favorite part of the honors program is to take on opportunities to be an honors ambassador and talk about the honors program to incoming freshmen.

  • Emma Hentz
  • Cindy Hernandez Hernandez

Cindy Hernandez Hernandez is a senior at DePaul University studying Honors Finance with a minor in Accountancy. She is a first-generation college student and has spent her time while in college helping with initiatives that help catapult the future careers of historically marginalized communities. Her favorite part of being in the honors college has been the opportunity to become a student mentor for the incoming class of first year students during her sophomore year and being accepted to present at the upcoming honors conference! After graduation she will work full time as a financial analyst. 

  • Abby Keisker
  • Sarah Mata
  • Kellen McLeod
  • Diana Mejia
  • Amal Memon
  • Alina Muzammil
  • Jazzlyne Orozco

Jazzlyne Orozco is a freshman majoring in chemistry. She is involved in DePaul’s soccer club team and Latino organizations. After graduation, she aspires to become a forensic scientist. She looks forward to being an affinity advocate this year in the fall! Her favorite aspect about the Honors Program thus far has been her Chicago Explore course.

  • Nicholas Oses Frola
  • Mara Parker
  • Alaina Schmidt
  • Natalie Schnelle
  • Grace Slagle

Grace is a first-year Film and Television student concentrating in directing, with a minor in journalism. She loves participating in Honors ambassador events and taking Honors classes with involved and passionate faculty members.

  • Karley Sweer

Karley Sweer is a freshman with an Applied Diplomacy major,  a double major in Political Science, and a minor in French.  She is a part of the Depaul’s Mock Trial team and a sister in Phi Mu. Her vocational goal is to be a plaintiff’s attorney in the United Nations International Criminal Court.

  • Hannah Tariq
  • Dan Tourville
  • Lora Tran
  • Nicoletta Vlahos
  • Mads Wren
  • Bella Zamudio
  • Alex Zastawny

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