HSG Meeting!

The Final HSG Meeting of the year will be held this Friday, May 12, at 2:30! This is a very special HSG Meeting and all Honors students are encouraged to attend.

At this meeting, all new Honors Partners will be presented. Partnership, which is earned after receiving 10 Honors points by attending events, volunteering, contributing to the blog, etc (for more info, click here), is the first step towards earning Honors Distinction. To learn more about Honors Distinction, click here, and to see our new Honors Partners, click here!

We will also be announcing candidates for our new HSG executive board for the 2023-2024 school year at this meeting! To see which positions are available and learn how to put your name in the ring, click here. Today is the last day to submit your candidacy for E-Board, so check it out now! At Friday’s meeting, candidates will present a short speech with their platforms and plans for next school year, so all are encouraged to come and listen before elections next week!

And last but not least, there will be special catering will be available at this meeting, so don’t miss it! We will see you there!

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