What is Honors Distinction?

As an Honors student, you’ve probably heard a lot about Honors points and Honors Partnership. In short, Honors points build to Honors Partnership which builds to Honors Distinction. But what exactly is Honors Distinction, and why should you work towards it?

Honors Distinction is a 3-Tiered Title

In order for an Honors student to achieve Honors Distinction, that student must first meet these three qualifications:

Honors Partnership

Students can earn Honors Partnership by accumulating 10 Honors Points. Honors Points are earned by attending various Honors events (HSG meetings, Donuts with the Director, and Student/Faculty dinners, just as a few examples). Honors has events almost every week that can earn you points, so check your email often or follow us on Instagram @dpu_honors for updates on upcoming events.

Honors Leadership

To receive Honors Leadership, a student must serve in a leadership position in the Honors program. This can be as an HSG officer, an Honorable Mentions employee, an Honors ambassador, and more. Students are eligible for leadership positions after earning five Honors points (so make sure you attend our events!). Leadership opportunities are provided year-round, but most open in the Spring, including HSG elections. Keep an eye on your inbox for Leadership opportunities.

Honors Scholarship

A student reaches Honors Scholarship after either presenting an Honors research paper at the Honors Student Conference or by completing a senior thesis. The Honors Student Conference is held every Spring quarter. For questions about the Honors Student Conference, reach out to Nancy Grossman at ngrossma@depaul.edu.

What are the benefits of earning Honors Distinction?

Only a small portion of Honors students, between 5-10%, graduate each year with Distinction. To have earned Distinction on top of completing the rigorous Honors curriculum is an extraordinary feat. At graduation, students who have earned Honors Distinction wear a unique cord along with the standard Honors cord, and they are individually celebrated at the Senior Gala. Students with Distinction will also be permanently commemorated with a plaque bearing their name, displayed in the University Honors Program Office. The Honors Program is a chance for high-achieving and ambitious students to work alongside and form meaningful relationships with a large team of in-field professionals and student peers. Students who go above and beyond in participating in the Honors community are making the most of their experience and helping to build a flourishing academic community.

Looking for a leadership position right now? The Honors Program is currently hiring for paid leadership positions. Fill out an application here.

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