DePaul Art Museum Tour

Visit the DePaul Art Museum with the Honors Program for a guided tour of A Natural Turn on Thursday, January 19th from 5:30-6:30. Click here to register!

This exhibition features the works of four artists living in the Americas: María Berrío (Colombian, b. 1982), Joiri Minaya (Dominican-United Statesian, b. 1990), Rosana Paulino (Brazilian, b. 1967), and Kelly Sinnapah Mary (Indo-Guadeloupean, b. 1981). Pushing the boundaries of figuration, Berrío, Minaya, Paulino, and Sinnapah create bold and unforgettable images of truth and fiction within both personal and collective histories. Their works exist at the intersection of individual imagination and our shared natural, socio- and geopolitical landscapes––a unique space that mixes both beauty and violence at once.

Within A Natural Turn, Berrío, Minaya, Paulino, and Sinnapah question Western and Eurocentric standards of beauty, femininity, and womanhood by reimagining the surreal—creating imaginary journeys around the metamorphoses of the body and redefining what it means to be human. For these artists, surreal imagery is useful in that it can at once call attention to the conflicted legacies of imperialism and colonialism, challenge the status quo, and subvert one’s experience of reality. Surrealism within this exhibition is a means to interrogate structures of power. A Natural Turn pushes beyond borders—those defined by geography, nationality, or language—to expand our understanding of the real and the imagined.

A Natural Turn is curated by Ionit Behar, PhD Associate Curator and organized by DePaul Art Museum. To learn more about the exhibit, visit x

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