Postponed: What Should Professors Know?

This event has been postponed until next quarter.

Higher education has had to radically evolve and adapt over the past three years. As a student, no doubt you have witnessed these changes firsthand. With this climate of adaptation comes a need for communication and troubleshooting. What’s working? What needs improvement? These are conversations that will continue to help educators and students, alike.

The Honors Program invites you to share your thoughts with Honors professors in a listening session with Dr. Jennifer Conary, Honors Program Director.

Open to all Honors students, this is a unique opportunity to tell your professors what kinds of assignments and activities work best for you, what kinds of work don’t contribute to your learning, and anything else you would like them to think about when designing their Honors classes. Dr. Conary will share your feedback with the Honors faculty.

This event will take place over Zoom and in person in SAC 161 on Wednesday, January, 18 at 4:30 PM. We encourage you to attend in person, but Zoom access will be provided with registration.

To register for the event, go here. All attendants will earn an Honors point.

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