All You Need to Know About Honors Student Government

Honors Student Government is the foundational backbone of the Honors experience at DePaul. Through HSG leadership, Honors students are introduced to the wide array of people and opportunities within the program. For those outside of the Honors Student Government board, HSG might seem to be just a biweekly obligation, but what exactly do Honors officers do and how do they contribute to your experience as an Honors student?

As a member of HSG myself–I currently serve as the Communications Director–I want to give a breakdown of each position on the board and how you can become involved in HSG yourself. We are a democracy, after all!

The Positions


Obviously, the president of Honors Student Government is the highest elected position. The president is responsible for overseeing other board members, organizing and leading the biweekly HSG meetings, communicating with Honors faculty and students, and writing a quarterly letter in Honorable Mentions, among other responsibilities. In many ways, the HSG president serves as a representative for the whole Honors program. A prospective president should therefore have excellent communication and leadership skills. According to the current Honors constitution, to be elected president one must also have previously served as another position on the Honors Student Government board for at least one year.


As the second in command, the Vice President helps the president with their responsibilities as well as their own individual responsibility of keeping track of HSG’s financial needs and event costs. The Vice President is also expected to take attendance at all HSG meetings and fulfill the role of President should the President be unable to attend a meeting or event.

Communications Director

The Director of Communications is responsible for managing and creating content for HSG’s social media presence. As of now, HSG has both an Instagram and Twitter page to which the Communications Director posts. It’s their job to spread information and publicize Honors events as well as to get feedback and encourage participation from students in the program.

Academic Representatives

There are two academic representatives on the Honors Student Government e-board and they are responsible for communicating the needs and concerns of students to the Honors faculty and staff. If students have an area of interest they want to be represented in an Honors class, for example, they would reach out to the HSG Academic Representatives. The representatives may hold various events throughout the year like study groups, town halls, or letter writing.

Social Co-Chairs

There are two Social Committee Chairs in HSG who are responsible for coming up with and planning social events for students of the Honors program. Past events have included movie nights, arts and craft sessions, and the annual Honors Ball. The Social Chairs work alongside the Communications Director to spread the word about events and generate program interest.

Service Co-Chairs

There are two Service Committee Chairs in HSG who, like the Social Co-Chairs, generate ideas for service opportunities and work alongside charities and organizations to spread information on causes or events. Past volunteer opportunities have included handing out water to runners in the Chicago Marathon, giving out candy at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and working alongside BeTheMatch to find eligible bone marrow donors.

Ambassador Co-Chairs

There are two Ambassador Co-Chairs on each year’s e-board. HSG’s ambassadors are responsible for advertising and promoting the Honors Program to prospective DePaul students. They attend admission events, help train student guides, and talk directly to incoming students themselves.

Participating in Honors Student Government is a great way to gain leadership experience, allows you to connect with other students in the program, and earns you Honors Leadership–putting you one step closer to graduating with Honors Distinction. Any student who has already earned 10 Honors Points–thereby earning Honors Partnership–is eligible to run for HSG office.

The elections for the 2022-2023 e-board will be held on May 20th at 3:30. If you’re interested in putting your name on the ballot, reach out to Priscilla Bautista with the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Year in School in Fall 2022 (Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
  • Position you are interested in
  • Paragraph detailing why you want this position and why you would be a good fit
  • At least one idea/initiative that you would like to contribute to HSG in this role

If you would like to see the current 2021-2022 e-board, visit our HSG page

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