Ninth Annual Honors Student Conference

We encourage students to submit their best Honors paper from fall quarter, 2021, or winter quarter, 2022, to be considered for inclusion in the Honors Student Conference.

Select a paper you are proud of and that you wish to share with others in the university community. Paper lengths will vary, but 7-15 pages would be a standard expectation for your submission.  Students may submit one paper completed in an Honors course for conference consideration.

Benefits of participation:

·         Learn to present academic work in a formal setting

·         Gain important exposition skills that will be valuable for graduate school or work in your future profession

·         Receive feedback from faculty and scholars in your field

·         Exchange ideas with other undergraduate students

·         Enhance your resume with authentic and meaningful experience

·         Earn “Honors Scholarship,” one of the three steps toward achieving “Honors Distinction”

The deadline for conference submission is Monday, April 11.

If you have questions, email Nancy at

We look forward to seeing your work!

The Honors Program Staff

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