Miles, Gabriella

Freshman, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Majors: Psychology, Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies

Minor: Spanish

Honors Course: HON 100: Rhetoric and Critical Inquiry

Faculty: Janet Hickey, Department of English

Abstract: This research piece analyzes the immense food resource deficiencies within America’s Black communities, finding that areas with large Black populations are disproportionately barred from adequate food sources. These neighborhoods are flooded with fast food restaurants yet deprived of necessary supermarkets and farmers markets. Gabriella demonstrates that this food inequality is strategic rather than coincidental, and it disproportionately affects low-income Black families. These discrepancies are notably consequential, increasing diabetes, obesity, and heart disease while also creating generational cycles. Although this is a serious issue faced by Black America, there is opportunity for remediation through adjustments to perception, improved resources, and education.

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