Honors Senior Thesis Information

Honors Senior Thesis Information

The Honors Senior Thesis offers students an opportunity to reflect on and synthesize their years of education at DePaul by designing a meaningful project that they research and write under the supervision of two faculty members, independent of a classroom structure. The project builds on students’ gathered expertise, combining work in the major with concepts gained from other coursework. The thesis project requires extensive research and/or creative work, and it should be original in the sense of bringing ideas together in a way that is the student’s own. The thesis is presented at the Honors Student Conference and displayed at the Honors Senior Gala. A grade of C– or higher is required to pass the course.

On this page you will be able to learn more about the details of the Senior Thesis, and what it entails. The Material packet contains an explanation of the format, project guidelines, ideas, and timeline for the Thesis.