Honors Points

Each Honors activity earns a student one Honors Point.

Earning Honors Points is not mandatory, but involvement in the Honors Community enriches both the student and the Honors Program.

We look forward to your contributions to our scholarly community!

Activities That Earn Honors Points:

  • Attending the Honors Retreat
  • Attending an HSG meeting or committee meeting
  • Attending a social or cultural event planned by the Honors Program or HSG
  • Attending a mentor-planned event
  • Attending the Honors Ball
  • Contributing to “Honorable Mentions”
  • Contributing to the Honors Blog
  • Participating in an Honors Ambassador recruitment event
  • Organizing an Honors Program activity
  • Attending an Honors speaker series event
  • Participating in an Honors service committee activity
  • Volunteering at the Honors Student Conference
  • Attending the Honors Student Conference
  • Presenting at the Honors Student Conference

Honors Distinction

Upon accruing 10 Honors Points, students will achieve “Honors Partnership” and be eligible to apply for a leadership role in the Honors community. This is the first step toward Honors Distinction:


Earning 10 Honors Points through involvement in the Honors community.


Assuming a board position in HSG, an editorial role in Honorable Mentions, an Honors Mentor position, or a student assistant job in the Honors Office.


Presenting research or creative work at the Honors Student Conference or completing an Honors Senior Thesis.

About Leadership Opportunities

  • Serving as an officer of Honors Student Government
    • There are several different points of entry for students interested in serving on HSG, each earning a student Honors Leadership. Students can run for office as an ambassador, service chair, academic representative, social chair, communications director, or president, once they’ve served a year on the board. For more information about HSG, visit here
  • Being an editor for Honorable Mentions
    • Acting in an editorial role for the Honors newsletter will earn you Honors Leadership. Though this role is technically a part of Honors Student Government, it comes with its own set of responsibilities and team of collaborators.
  • Being an editor for the Honors Blog
    • The Honors Blog is student-run and edited. Editors are responsible for making and regulating posts as well as curating contributions from other Honors students.
  • Working as an Honors Mentor
    • Honors Mentors help introduce first-year students to the program before the start of the school year and act as student leaders during the orientation process. There are also specific positions for Affinity Mentors representing LGBTQ students, BIPOC students, and first-generation students.
  • Working as a student employee in the Honors Office
    • The Honors Office (Arts and Letters 210) has a team of student workers who help with administrative tasks for the program and assist other students.
  • Honors Floor Representative
    • Honors Floor Representatives act as liaisons between HSG and the Honors Living Learning Community (Honors housing). They host events for students in Honors housing as well as promote the Honors program to new students.

Although no student in the Honors Program is required to complete these forms of engagement, achievement in these three areas will help build long-lasting and rewarding relationships, and provide rich opportunities for personal growth. Students who achieve Honors Distinction will be recognized at the Honors Senior Gala and will receive a Distinction Cord to wear at Commencement.

We look forward to the contributions you will make to the Honors community!

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