Honors Points

Honors Points

Each Honors activity earns a student one Honors Point.

Earning Honors Points is not mandatory, but involvement in the Honors Community enriches both the student and the Honors Program.

We look forward to your contributions to our scholarly community!

The following activities will earn one Honors Point:

  • Attend the Honors Retreat
  • Attend an HSG meeting or committee meeting
  • Attend a social or cultural event planned by the Honors Program or HSG
  • Attend a mentor-planned event
  • Attend the Honors Ball
  • Contribute to “Honorable Mentions”
  • Contribute to the Honors Blog
  • Participate in an Honors Ambassador recruitment event
  • Organize an Honors Program activity
  • Attend an Honors speaker series event
  • Participate in an Honors service committee activity
  • Volunteer at the Honors Student Conference
  • Attend the Honors Student Conference
  • Present at the Honors Student Conference

Honors Distinction

Upon accruing 10 Honors Points, students will achieve “Honors Partnership” and be eligible to apply for a leadership role in the Honors community. This is the first step toward Honors Distinction:


Earning 10 Honors Points through involvement in the Honors community.


Assuming a board position in HSG, an editorial role in Honorable Mentions, an Honors Mentor position, or a student assistant job in the Honors Office.


Presenting research or creative work at the Honors Student Conference or completing an Honors Senior Thesis.

Although no student in the Honors Program is required to complete these forms of engagement, achievement in these three areas will help build long-lasting and rewarding relationships, and provide rich opportunities for personal growth. Students who achieve Honors Distinction will be recognized at the Honors Senior Gala and will receive a Distinction Cord to wear at Commencement.

We look forward to the contributions you will make to the Honors community!