Essential Apps for New Students 

Google Maps: By far the easiest to use navigation app. Google maps is especially helpful because it will tell you which train line to take and which stop to get off at. It even has the estimated arrival times of trains! 

Ventra: Tells you the most accurate arrival time of all trains and buses. It automatically uses your location, so you can find out what stop is closest to you. It will also tell you the arrival time of the next three trains on each line, so you have enough time to get there. 

LinkedIn: It’s never too early to start networking! Especially if you are a business major, create a LinkedIn early, and include your most up to date resume. This way you can connect with everyone you meet. 

Handshake: This app is like LinkedIn for college students. While it is mostly geared towards business students, it can be used by anyone to see and register for career events at DePaul. It allows you to search for jobs and employers that might interest you. You can even save employers or positions you like. The nice thing about this app is that it mostly shows internships. The app will even tell you if you meet all the criteria for each position! 

GroupMe: Essential for communicating with people in your dorm hall. You might even use this to connect with people in your classes.

Pulse: The mobile version of D2L. Don’t rely on this, but it is a quick way to access your grades or see new announcements if you can’t get onto your computer. 

Dine On Campus: This app will let you see ahead of time what the dinning hall is offering each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It also lets you see ingredients and nutrition information. Be careful though, the information is not always accurate, and the menu can change! 

DeHUB: All DePaul events in one place. You can search by day in the calendar, and it will generate all the events happening at DePaul on that day, and you can register for as many as you like. DeHUB is also used by school clubs for registration. If you see a club you like, you can sign up for it on DeHUB. DeHUB also has a feed (similar to Facebook) where anyone can post to ask questions or promote events.

Laundry View: This app shows you how many washers and dryers are available in each hall. It also allows you to create a notification to alert you when your clothes are done. This app is not the best though, the information is sometimes inaccurate, but it definitely saves you a trip to a completely full laundry room! 

The Ray At DePaul: If you work out, take fitness classes, or want to play intramurals, this app is for you! You can easily sign-up and see the schedule for all fitness classes being offered throughout the week. Most classes will be offered for free to DePaul students. Through this app, you also sign up for intramural sports, although, the website for intramurals is not the most user friendly.  

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