Honors Council Research Conference Presenters!

The Honors Program is proud to congratulate the recent cohort of Honors students accepted to present at the 2023 National Collegiate Honors Council Research Conference (NCHCRC). NCHCRC is an annual conference where Honors students from across the country submit their undergraduate research to be featured and presented at this conference. Only a few are chosen each year, and we are so proud of our students. They submitted their best undergraduate research paper from this year in an Honors class, and will be turning their papers into posters and presenting their posters at the annual conference to University faculty, staff, and students from around the country. They will also be invited to attend conference seminars and master classes and network with top Honors students and faculty.

These students are representative of the incredible importance of research in academia. At the Honors Program, research is championed as the immense achievement that it is. Students are given the space to engage in independent research not only through a senior thesis, but to explore course content more deeply and engage with the material. Research is an opportunity to improve critical thinking, problem-solving, and media literacy skills, and is one of the best ways to highlight your academic career

The DePaul University Honors Program congratulates the following students on being accepted to the National Collegiate Honors Council 2023 Student Research Conference.

(Student Name, Grade, Major, Title of their Paper)

Merwa Alhindi, Sophomore, Philosophy, How the Dove Robbed the Raven’s Color

Bianca Brown, Junior,  Special Education, How does Racism/Segregation in Education Impact Black Students in Chicago, and What Is Being Done to Change It?

Zachary Carson, Sophomore,  Management,

Arielle Kallan, Junior,  Political Science, To Freely Bleed, the Patriarchy Must Bleed First

Miranda Kincer, Junior,  Writing & Rhetoric , Students, Poverty, and Climate Change: Economic Exploitation and its Effects on Public Education in Eastern Kentucky

Valerie McDonough, Sophomore, English, The Debated Impact of Immigration on the U.S. Economy – Does Immigration Have aMore Positive or Negative Economic Impact?

Vanesa Simic, Sophomore,  History (BA/JD), Japanese Constructions of Ainu People and Implications for International Law

Josephine Vanderlei, Junior, History, From West Philadelphia to Bel-Air: The Use of Black English   Lexicon to Define Character in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Bella Zamudio, Freshman, French/Psychology DM, Agatha Christie and the Eternity of the Whodunit

Sergio Godinez, Junior, American Studies/Political Science,

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