Donuts with the Director!

As you may have seen, one of the our new favorite traditions at the Honors Program is Donuts (or Desserts) with the Director! Every week, our wonderful director Jennifer Conary invites us to hang out in the student lounge and share a sweet treat. With our weekly regulars and plenty of new faces dropping by, it is always a great time!

This week, I was able to join in on all the great conversations. Right as the office doors open at 9am, people are ready for their donuts! After plenty of ‘goodmornings!’, we headed on back to the Honors Lounge, excited to enjoy the sunlight through the nice big windows.

Starting off with a quick check in, everyone discussed how we’re feeling so far in Spring quarter. One of the great things about Honors is how many different majors come together, and it was so interesting to hear how different everyone’s experience was. From computer science to media design to French, it was quite a diverse group!

Jenny had a lot of great advice to share, considering she knows so much about the university and advising. And our fellow students have a lot of advice as well! The topic of study abroad came up, and everyone shared their different experiences as well as how they made it work in their schedule. Jenny stressed how important it was to study abroad if you can, and how the Honors department would do all it could to help make it happen.

From discussing our coffee orders, examining the quality of Dunkin croissants, and laughing over my novice photography skills, it was a great way to start the day. Everyone is so friendly, and its nice to get a real sense of our wonderful Honors community. Everyone trickles in and out, some leaving for class, others coming from class, others just there to be there. Relaxing, no pressure, share as little or as much as you want. And of course, the donuts : )

Donuts with the Director is held for the rest of Spring Quarter from Thursdays 9:00-10:00am in the Honors Student Lounge (Arts and Letters 210). This quarter is donuts, but make sure to check in every quarter to see when, where, and what we’ll be sharing! And as always, stop by the lounge whenever to chat, snack, and just hang out. See you for donuts next week!

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