Sightseeing and Scrapbooking in Singapore

Julia Matuszek gives us a preview of her upcoming Honorable Mentions piece about her recent experience studying in Singapore.

This past December I was lucky enough to have the opportunity for a short-term study-abroad trip to the beautiful country of Singapore. While there, I was able to visit iconic and diverse neighborhoods including Chinatown, Little India, and Arab Street, as well as all of the must-visit attractions including Marina Bay Sands, Garden by the Bay, and the Singapore Zoo.  

I was also able to taste some of the best meals I’ve ever tried, such as chicken rice and white carrot cake. I’ve been looking for a restaurant that serves these in Chicago, but so far, nothing compares. 

            I also picked up some skills while in Singapore. I learned how to do Chinese calligraphy (not well, but I learned the basics). I also learned the art behind making tea blends and how to make some Singaporean-themed foods like pandan cupcakes. And perhaps my favorite part, I even made some friends! We got to meet some hospitality students from Temasek Polytechnic and spent the day with them exploring Singapore as well as their campus which included a fake hotel room, kitchen, and lobby which aids in their studies.  

            Throughout all of these adventures, I made an effort to snap pictures and keep little knick-knacks so I could make a scrapbook to help remember my trip. And thankfully, I actually stuck to my goal and made a scrapbook. If you’re interested in seeing a flip-through then please watch the video below! 

If you want to read more from Julia, check it out in the Honorable Mentions edition coming out this Friday!

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