Course Option: HON 225

Introduction to Environmental Science with Professor Alfredo Gomez-Beloz

Do we need clean water to drink?  Do we need clean air to breathe?  Is having healthy, fresh food important to us and our families?  How do our own desires affect the consumption of natural resources from the places we live?  If you are waiting to move to planet Mars for a resource solution, maybe your great, great, great grandchild might have an opportunity.  Currently, we are living on Earth, the only place we, as humans, can live at the moment.  We are protected by a thin stratosphere only a few miles above us.  Unfortunately, we continue to use our home’s resources as though they were limitless.  They are not.  Economists like to think of growth.  But how much growth can there be when supplies are limited?  Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore, drive a hybrid, electric vehicle, or peddle a bike, all these require energy and natural resources.  This course will familiarize you with important environmental principles that will enhance your understanding of how all living species coexist on this planet.  It may even become a guide for you to make more informed choices on energy and resource consumption in the future.

This section of HON 225: Honors Lab Science Topics will be offered this Spring Quarter on Mondays/Wednesdays from 11:20AM-12:50PM with Lab on Mondays from 1:00PM-4:10PM.

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