The Top Five Commercials from Super Bowl LVII

By Erin Henze

Superbowl LVII was a historic one. It was the first Super Bowl game to include two Black starting quarterbacks, the first to pit two brothers against each other, the first to have an all-female flyover during the National Anthem and the first to feature a Black woman as a coach in the Superbowl on the sidelines for the Philadelphia Eagles.

All of these trailblazing moments, when paired with a spectacular halftime performance by Rihanna and an exciting game that went down to the wire, made for a very memorable night.

But, if you’re like many annual viewers of the Super Bowl, perhaps what you remember most from Sunday evening is the commercials.

The Super Bowl has always given companies the perfect platform to elevate their brand while making us laugh (or cry), and Sunday night was no exception. So, let’s rank the top 5 commercials from Superbowl LVII. (Click the titles to check out the ads for yourselves!)

5. Michelob Ultra Club: New Members Day

This commercial benefited from a huge dose of nostalgia (and of course, Serena Williams, who can’t help but improve everything she touches) in a fun play on the iconic 80s golf movie Caddyshack. You may have been slightly confused if you weren’t raised by Gen X parents who loved to reference this film on an almost weekly basis, but even younger generations could spot some familiar faces in Williams and Tony Romo. The commercial is just goofy enough to be an endearing blast-from-the-past and serves as a great advertisement for the refreshing taste of Michelob Ultra.

4. McDonald’s

No Super Bowl would be complete without an advertisement for the Golden Arches. This year’s spot, featuring Cardi B and Offset and announcing the duo’s new celebrity meal, showcased a variety of different couples who have their partner’s McDonald’s order memorized by heart. It was the perfect way to tug at the romantic, pre-Valentine’s Day heartstrings of viewers and show just how universally beloved the food chain is.

3. The Farmer’s Dog

Utilizing the well-worn recipe of mixing animals and humans with the inevitability of time, this Farmer’s Dog commercial was able to capture the hearts of viewers- and make a good many of them cry as well. This spot, which followed one dog from the puppy stages of life all the way to gray-lined fur, made us all fall in love with yet another human-animal relationship, and encouraged us to take good care of our pets, presumably by feeding them with The Farmer’s Dog product.

2. GM x Netflix: Electric Vehicles

What do you get when you mix Will Ferrell with the year’s most popular TV shows? A colorful masterpiece highlighting… Electric vehicles? The product placement might be a little odd, but Ferrell’s charm is undeniable as he traipses through the television multiverse to visit Squid Game, Bridgerton and Stranger Things. Ferrell’s enthusiasm and commitment to the role (i.e., totally rocking that 18th century suitcoat and trousers) when paired with shoutouts to several fan favorite TV shows, make for an epic commercial worthy of a #2 placement.

1. Popcorners

I have to preface my top pick by admitting that, as a lover of all things Breaking Bad, I’m a little biased with this selection. But, even those who aren’t totally familiar with the show can appreciate the iconicness of this Popcorner’s collab. Complete with a signature, “Yo, Mr. White!” from Aaron Paul, Heisenberg’s classic bowler hat sported by Bryan Cranston, and even a Tuco appearance to appraise the quality of Popcorners’ “blue stuff,” this commercial left nothing to be desired for TV lovers and snackers alike. 

Honorable Mentions

Dunkin’ Ft. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Turbotax “Dancer”

Bud Light Dance Party Ft. Miles and Keleigh Teller

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