Congratulations to Honors Student Kellen Brown!

Each year, universities across the state of Illinois select an outstanding member of their senior classes to serve as the school’s Lincoln Laureate. Lincoln Laureates are students who demonstrate strong leadership abilities, academic excellence, and a desire for improving their community.

DePaul recently announced that their 2022 Lincoln Laureate would be senior Kellen Brown. Brown majors in political science with two minors in Russian studies and history. He is also a member of our very own Honors program!

Kellen Brown has demonstrated leadership in ROTC, DePaul’s student government, and the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He has represented DePaul students at Lincoln Park town halls and has organized a fundraiser that earned $27,000 for Chicago Public Schools students.

Through his work and leadership, Kellen Brown has undoubtedly made the DePaul community safer and more sustainable, and he will surely continue to leave lasting impressions in the future. After graduation, Brown plans to pursue military service, for which his leadership in ROTC will certainly have well prepared him.

We congratulate Kellen Brown for this incredible achievement and wish him success in his career!

To read the official DePaul student spotlight on Kellen Brown, visit here

The photo of Kellen used for this post comes from Jeff Carrion for DePaul University

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