The Honors Blog, Looking to the Future

Hi Honors Students!

We hope you had a lovely first quarter back with in-person classes and we hope you are enjoying yourself over your well-deserved Winter break.

The Honors Blog has had a minimal presence up to this point, but we hope to change that for this upcoming quarter with plans to update more often, share student-produced content, and highlight all members of the Honors community.

So what can you expect from the Honors Blog, and what can you contribute?

  • The Honors Blog is the home for information on any upcoming Honors events (speakers, volunteer opportunities, HSG social activities, etc.)
  • We will answer any questions you have about the Honors program and the opportunities the program provides
  • We will feature student projects from Honors classes and talk to Honors professors about the classes they teach
  • Students can feel free to share with the Honors Blog any written work they have (creative writing, poetry, reviews, essays, etc.) or any other art (music, film, graphic design, etc.)
  • The Honors Blog student editors’ will give our own coverage of the goings-on at DePaul and the Honors program, and we encourage other students to do the same

If you’re interested in submitting to the Honors Blog, or if you have any questions/ideas for the blog please contact us at

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