Lead For America Fellowship

Lead For America Fellowship 

Lead For America works to ensure that our nation’s most dynamic and diverse leaders are working on our communities’ toughest challenges. Our core program is a paid two-year Fellowship for outstanding leaders to work on the toughest challenges facing local governments and nonprofits nationwide, particularly in Fellows’ hometowns and communities struggling to attract and retain talent.

Why should you apply for the Fellowship?

Get hands-on experience tackling the toughest challenges facing our country. From coordinating resources to tackle the opioid crisis in rural West Virginia to designing affordable housing policy in East Los Angeles, our Fellows are truly working on the most intractable issues facing our country. Through a Lead For America Fellowship, you address these overwhelming issues on a local level with direct collaboration with local leaders. With this approach, your impact is tangible, rooted in community, and large enough to truly change lives. 

Receive training from leading institutions. All Fellows receive two weeks of graduate-level public administration, leadership and equity training prior to beginning their Fellowships. In our previous years, this training has been led by partners and staff at the UNC School of Government, the Harvard Kennedy School, Boston University’s Initiative on Cities, Tufts University’s Tisch College for Civic Life, and Georgetown University’s Baker Center for Leadership & Governance. All Fellows also meet up for three-weekend retreats over the course of the two years.

Join a cohort of incredible peers. Our first class of 100 Fellows are serving in 26 states nationwide. Over half are people of color, 60% are women, 1/3 are first-generation college students, and more than 40% were pell-grant recipients in college. 1/3 of our Fellows are also serving in rural communities and towns of less than 10,000 people, adding to the experience of the entire cohort. The class includes Truman, Gates & Udall Scholars, Marine Corps Veterans, D1 Athletes, and former Student Body Presidents.

Help co-create a growing, national program. Lead For America’s goal is to train, place, and support 50,000 leaders by 2040. We are on track to have more than 200 Fellows by this fall, and to scale up to 1,000 Fellows in the next 3 years. Our Fellows serve at every level of our organization, including our National Board of Directors. Help us shape the program for years to come!

Launch your career as a civic leader. Lead For America is less about what happens during the first two years than it is about building a community of lifelong civic leaders. We don’t just say this––we put resources behind it! From a digital alumni network and alumni reunions to training and financial support for alumni who decide to launch nonprofits and businesses or even run for office, we will focus on helping you advance in your leadership and service for the rest of your life.

Fellowship. American Connection Corps Fellow – This year, Lead For America formed a partnership with Land O’Lakes and the American Connection Project to address America’s widespread disparities in access to affordable, high speed internet. Through this partnership, we have created the American Connection Corps (ACC), which will be the nation’s largest fellowship program focused on bridging the digital divide. This new fellowship will mobilize fifty young change-makers to serve in select states for a two-year pilot initiative where they will coordinate broadband development & digital inclusion locally, and across the country. Read more here: https://www.lead4america.org/american-connection-corps

Interested? Learn More and Apply Today!

Learn More: Lead for America Website

Get to Know Us and Ask Your Questions: Email us at lorenzo.johnson@lead4america.org.

Apply Today: Apply here by June 15th at 11:59pm PST to learn more and join the Lead for America 2021 Fellowship cohort

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