Torres Reyes, Catalina

Sophomore, College of Science and Health

Major: Health Sciences (Concentration in Biology)

Honors Course: HON 102: History in Global Contexts

Faculty: Eugene Beiriger, Department of History

Abstract: The Tehran Conference of 1943 was hailed as the physical representation of the united front of the three most important leaders from the Allied Powers; Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin, however, it was anything but. The conference only served to further emphasize the disconnect between three of the most powerful men at the time and the true nature of the conference’s proceedings were hidden from the public in order to instill more confidence in the Allies during World War 2. This was concluded through the usage of letters shared between the three men before, during, and after the conference, the transcript of the proceedings from the conference, and a video from the British press regarding the conference among other secondary sources from the time.

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