Stumpe, Ben

Junior, College of Communication

Major: Communication and Media

Minor: Theatre Studies

Honors Course: HON 201: States, Markets, and Societies

Faculty: Rose Spalding, Department of Political Science

Abstract: Public transportation systems such as subways, elevated train lines, light rail lines, and bus services are integral to the reduction of congestion and greenhouse gas emissions in major metropolitan areas. However, in the United States, mass transit is negatively viewed as a social welfare program instead of widely used mode of travel. Cities like Chicago and New York continue to cope with aging infrastructure, dilapidated transportation vehicles, low ridership levels, decreasing service hours, and unreliability with transportation arrival times. In this research paper, Ben analyzes the benefits and drawbacks of a free market approach and public sector approach to the ownership, maintenance, and installation of mass transit systems. He concludes that an adoption of private sector innovations in modes of transportation and infrastructure paired with an increase in government expenditures will improve the efficiency and ridership of public transportation networks in the urban populations of the United States

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