Modes, Amelia

Senior, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Major: English (Concentration in Creative Writing)

Minor: Writing for Film and Television

Thesis Director: Michele Morano, Department of English

Faculty Reader: Jen Finstrom, Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse

Bio: Amelia Modes is a graduating senior in DePaul’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Amelia’s creative and research interests focus on interpersonal relationships and how they are affected by media and politics. Amelia’s experiences as a peer writing tutor and Chicago quarter mentor influence her collaborative, person-centered approach to education and writing. Additionally, participating with DePaul’s Vagina Monologues and the literary magazine Crook & Folly have fostered her love of performance and the creative arts. Following graduation, Amelia will be drawing on these interests and experiences to become a special education teacher.

Abstract: While acceptance and representation of queer people has improved over the past decades, there is still a lack of diverse and accurate representation of women loving women relationships. “A Loving Feeling” tells the story of two, young queer women and their struggles to accept themselves and their sexuality. This project utilizes the flash fiction short story cycle to show the progress of the characters and the societal changes that occurred from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s.

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