Filicicchia, Alyssa

Junior, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Majors: Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies, Political Science

Minors: History, Art, Women’s and Gender Studies

Honors Course: HON 201: States, Markets, and Societies

Faculty: Clement Adibe, Department of Political Science

Abstract: This paper was written for a course about capital and the economy, which was new for Alyssa, so she decided to take a social issue that she was already passionate about and examine it through an economic lens. Thus, the paper sets out to show both the moral and economic failures that will persist as long as homelessness continues to be criminalized in the United States. Alyssa explored various sources to make her argument, including work from homeless advocacy groups to learn more about the social consequences, and reports from law schools to learn more about the economic consequences.

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