DelValle, Priscilla

Freshman, Driehaus College of Business

Major: Accounting and Finance

Honors Course: HON 100: Rhetoric and Critical Inquiry

Faculty: Julie Bokser, Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse

Abstract: The world has entered the beginning of a Demographic Winter, a shift where the population is aging and shrinking at a faster rate when compared to the growth and fertility rate. In other words, a majority of the population is ready to retire rather than join the workforce. This causes several dilemmas for world governments that are accustomed to providing benefits and funds to a smaller population of retirees. Priscilla explores which government policies will be affected by the Demographic Winter. Her research expresses how the future population and governments are ill-prepared to replace the workforce and finance increasing government demands. This event will have many effects, and without government action, we are left vulnerable.

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