Bennet, Elijah

Sophomore, College of Computing and Digital Media

Major: Film and Television Production

Minor: Sociology

Honors Course: HON 201: States, Markets, and Societies

Faculty: Martha Martinez-Firestone, Department of Sociology

Abstract: Combining U.S. census data with statistics on disability representation in American film, Elijah was able to determine the vast percentage margins between the number of characters with intellectual/developmental/physical disabilities and able-bodied/neurotypical characters in comparison to their actual population percentages. Furthermore, through analysis of linguistic alterations, models of disability, and the development of disability portrayals over the past ~70 years, he was able to identify the progress in inclusivity that has been made. At the same time, though, he was also able to conclude that while perceptions towards historically marginalized groups have been improving, the disabled community continues to remain “invisible”.

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