Rafael Vizcaíno’s HON 105 Philosophical Inquiry

Professor Rafael Vizcaíno’s HON 105 Philosophical Inquiry Course

These projects are a sample of creative final projects for my HON 105 course “Philosophy of Race.” This is a course that introduces students to the methods and aims of philosophical inquiry by way of the concept of race. For their final projects, students are assigned an open-ended task that aspires to exemplify, express, or embody one of the topics discussed in this course. This is an opportunity for students to bring together their skills and interests to generally advance their study of philosophy, and more specifically to deepen their analysis of racial phenomena.

For these projects, students produced numerous poems, paintings, short films, songs, performances, and other creative pieces. In the spirit of dialogue, the examples below are shared beyond our classroom with the rest of the DePaul community and beyond, with the hope of sparking conversations concerning the meaning of race in the United States today.

I thank the students for their generosity and the DePaul Honors Program for their support of our endeavors.

Rafael Vizcaíno

Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy

DePaul University

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