One of the many resources available to you as an Honors student is Honors academic advising. The Honors Program has a wonderful team of talented advisors ready to answer any questions you might have and talk you through your Honors goals. Checking in with your Honors advisor throughout the school year is a good way to ensure you’re fulfilling course requirements and on track to graduate.

We have three academic advisors in the Honors Program who serve students from different schools in greater DePaul:

Nancy Grossman

LAS, Education, and Communication Students

Keith Mikos

CDM, TTS, and Music Students

Priscilla Bautista

Transfer Honors, Business, and CSH Students

Every quarter, usually around midterms and finals, advisors will hold walk-in sessions but if you want to make a scheduled appointment, the best way to do so is through Bluestar.

Bluestar is a service you can find through CampusConnect that allows you to make appointments with your Honors advisors at any time throughout the year. It also lets you make appointments with your major or department-specific advisor, something you should also make a regular practice.

To make an appointment through Bluestar:

  1. Go to CampusConnect and sign in with your DePaul credentials.
  2. On the Student Homepage, go to the Student Resources tab.
  3. Under the Student Resources tab, you should see Bluestar Student Support, click on that to take you to your Bluestar dashboard.
  4. Here you will see a calendar of appointments and a list of your instructors and advisors. Find your advisor’s name and click the Schedule button.
  5. From here, Bluestar will ask you about the nature of your appointment–it’s best to be specific with any topics you want to discuss.
  6. Select the date and time for your appointment, making note of whether the appointment is online or in-person.
  7. Once your appointment is booked, you should get a confirmation message. You’re all done!

Please note that Honors advising complements, but does not replace, the advising you will receive from your major advisor. If you have not yet declared a major, you may meet with an advisor from the Office for Academic Advising Support to explore possible majors that fit with your interests and goals. Email to schedule an appointment.

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