We are the Honors Program, it’s nice to meet you!

The Honors Program seeks to broaden students’ perspectives beyond their academic majors and

  • Fosters critical thinking, self-reflection and an examination of values
  • Encourages active, participatory learning
  • Promotes interdisciplinary and cross-cultural studies
  • Cultivates intellectual, social, and cultural enrichment in an environment of respect and support
  • Provides an Honors community and experience extending beyond the classroom, making use of the diverse cultural opportunities of Chicago.

In order to meet these goals, the program offers small classes organized in a seminar format and taught by faculty committed to academic excellence and the attainment of lifelong learning strategies. Benefits of our scholarly community include academic advising, an Honors Lounge, a student government, peer mentoring, student-faculty dinners, a newsletter, cultural outings, service activities, a designated Honors floor in a residence hall, and many other experiences that enrich the Honors community while extending the Honors experience beyond the classroom.

For questions, feel free to call us at 773-325-7302, e-mail us at honorsprogram@depaul.edu, or find us at our new Lincoln Park campus office on the second floor of Arts & Letters Hall, Room 210 (2315 N Kenmore Ave). Visit our official website!

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