Course Offering: Junior Seminar in Multiculturalism

Honors Juniors and Seniors, are you looking for a course to fulfill your HON 301 requirement? Check out professor Jesse Mumm’s December intersession course Race and Space: Claims to Land, Claims to Selves.

How do our forms of belonging to places inform our forms of belonging to each other?  To be part of a ‘race’ has long meant belonging to – and therefore with – a group of people defined by ‘where they are from.’  Twentieth century Chicago codified this as neighborhoods that were segregated into racial supermajorities by state policies, market forces, and white vigilante violence.  Communities, ethnicities, and ‘races’ became synonymous with specific pieces of the urban landscape: Chinese Chinatown, Mexican Pilsen, Irish Bridgeport, Black Woodlawn, and so on, but a fuller story includes native land claims, and Chicago as a site of race mixing, long before the invention of segregation.  This course examines histories of inequity in the fabric of the city; at the same time looking at forms of radical resistance, place making, mutual aid, and redefining the meanings of kinship, race, gender and sexuality. You will read work by scholars in critical ethnic studies, history, law, sociology, and anthropology, balanced with memoirs, life histories, and writings by contemporary thinkers confronting racism and white supremacy today. Inhabiting place – and taking up space – on their own terms, this class explores how people have reshaped policies, color lines, and their own imaginations of who they are. 

Professor Mumm’s class will be hybrid, with in-person meetings from 9:30am-11:30am from Monday-Thursday, along with async content, from November 28 to December 8.

Applications Open for Honors LLC Floor Representative

Looking for a chance to earn Honors Leadership?

Being an Honors Floor Rep is one of the few opportunities for Honors freshmen to assume a leadership position and earn Honors Leadership (one of the three required tiers for Distinction). It’s also a rewarding chance to participate in the Honors community and help your peers! Here’s a rundown of the position and its responsibilities:

Honors Floor Representatives communicate on behalf of students living in the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC).

As an Honors Floor Rep, you work with the Honors faculty and the Honors Student Government to best meet the needs of students and help improve the program for future students.

Responsibilities include:

  • Demonstrating leadership and building connections with LLC students
  • Attending HSG meetings
  • Promoting Honors events and encouraging student participation
  • Receive feedback from students on their experiences and communicate this feedback with HSG and Honors faculty
  • Welcoming prospective Honors students alongside Honors ambassadors
  • Hosting and planning quarterly study sessions for finals week
  • Hosting a quarterly event for LLC students that
    • Builds community
    • Teaches students about the Honors Program or greater DePaul
    • Engages students with events and activities organized by Honors

If you would like to apply, please fill out the following attachment and submit a statement of interest to by Tuesday, October 4th. We look forward to hearing from you!

Service Opportunity: Chicago Marathon Volunteer

Looking for a service opportunity? Want to participate in a city tradition? Every year, the Honors Student government leads a volunteer event at the Chicago Marathon. We’re continuing the tradition this year, and our service committee is currently looking for interested students. The marathon will be on Sunday, October 9th. As volunteers, students will help set up their stations, pass out water to runners, and cheer people on. This is always a favorite service activity for us and it’s a great way to experience the marathon if you’re new to Chicago (you can also get an Honors Point for attending!). If you are interested in participating or would like more information please contact by September 30th! You can also reach out to either of our service committee chairs, Joana Diaz or Gabriella Hoover. We hope to see you there!

Student Assistant Position

Associate Professor Lisa J.M. Poirier from the Department of Religious Studies is looking for a new student assistant! The position would ideally be held for the next two years, and one of the primary tasks will be to create, design, and publish the ISD (Interdisciplinary Self-Designed MA/MS program) quarterly newsletter.  Highly capable and driven students with strong communication skills can apply by emailing Professor Poirier at

Teaching Assistant Opportunity

Professor Sarah Richardson is looking for a TA for HON 225 Urban Ecology! Are you interested in a career in science, teaching, or simply curious about Urban Ecology? This may be the opportunity you are looking for to gain real experience in the field! In this position, you will get to work with faculty and students in a lab setting, helping to collect data, grade assignments, and even have the opportunity to attend a field trip to LaBagh Woods with the class.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Help students in a lab
  • Grade assignments and informal lab reports every week
  • Grade three formal lab report assignments over the quarter, written in the scientific style
  • Meet with Dr. Richardson 1-2 times a week to grade and prepare for lab sessions
  • Be willing to go outdoors around campus during labs to collect data

Position Requirements

  • Must be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior
  • Must be available Fridays from 9:30am-2:00pm (usually shorter)
  • Time commitment is at most 10 hours per week

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Sarah Richardson at

Teach-In on Global Justice Issues

The Society of Vincent DePaul Professors’ Global Justice committee invites you to submit a proposal for the third annual Teach-In on Global Justice Issues. This day-long event provides an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to come together to discuss and reflect on social justice issues facing our society as we begin our new academic year. Our aim is to call attention to current social justice issues, discuss potential solutions, and re-energize one another in our ongoing social justice work.

We invite you to submit an individual or collaborative proposal to present on a social justice topic at the 2022 Teach-In. Multi-person proposals and assembled panels are particularly encouraged. Short film (max. 10 minutes) proposals are also welcomed.

Apply to be an Honorable Mentions Editor!

Calling all writers and designers! The Honors Program is seeking creative students to serve as editors for our quarterly newsletter, Honorable Mentions.

The DePaul University Honors Program is committed to producing a quality quarterly newsletter created by and for its students. The Honorable Mentions newsletter provides a forum for announcements and information about Honors activities and students, serves as a voice for student and faculty views on important (and unimportant!) issues, and provides opportunities for displaying the creative works of Honors students. The Honorable Mentions newsletter is also designed to generate interest in Honors events and keep students and faculty up-to-date and involved in the Honors Program. The editor position is a year-long commitment.

Currently, The Honors Program is seeking to fill the following two editor positions:

  • Content Editor
  • Layout and Design Editor

 Honorable Mentions Editors have the following responsibilities:

  • Plan for the content and layout of each newsletter
  • Write articles and solicit work from Honors students
  • Produce one newsletter per quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • Attend Honors events
  • Meet deadlines
  • Assist with newsletter distribution

Only students who have achieved Honors Partnership by earning 10 Honors Points are eligible to apply for an Honorable Mentions Editor position. 

Editors receive a quarterly stipend of $200.00 in Fall, Winter, and Spring. 

If contributing to the Honorable Mentions newsletter as an editor is something that interests you, please complete and submit the attached application. In addition to your application, please provide a short statement of your qualifications and vision for the newsletter and 2-3 samples of your writing and/or 3-4 graphic design samples.

Applications and materials are due, via email or in-person, by Monday, May 23rd at 5:00 pm to the Honors Program Office, Arts & Letters Hall, Suite 210Click here for the application. Decisions will be made before the end of the spring quarter. If you have any questions about the editor position, please email Mary Kate Turek at

LGBTQ Studies Creative and Scholarly Works Contest

As many of you know, the Honors Program has provided several courses over the past year centered on topics pertaining to the LGBTQ community and queer identity. If you have taken one of these classes or if you have a piece of writing related to LGBTQ studies, you may want to consider applying for the Creative and Scholarly Works Prize offered by the department of LGBTQ Studies. One graduate student and one undergraduate student will be selected to win a prize of $250 and will be published in the undergraduate journal, Creating Knowledge.

Submissions are due to by Friday, May 27th.

For more information, contact

IA@SOUTH AFRICA: Race, Ethnicity, & Housing

Identities Abroad is offering a course titled American and South African Apartheid that will be taught in fall 2022 followed by travel to South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town) during the December intersession. The deadline to apply is May 1. 

Identity Abroad courses promote study abroad opportunities to first-generation, and African American and Latinx students and include a $1,500 stipend/scholarship for those who are eligible. 

The course focuses on factors governing the residential patterns of racial and ethnic minorities in the United States and South Africa, and the impact of these residential patterns on life chances and opportunities in American and South African societies.  Where one lives determines access to quality educational opportunities, health care, and employment.  It also affects proximity to crime, environmental hazards, and the development of mainstream cultural competencies.  Residential patterns are often explained as resulting from individual choice, however, racial discrimination and violence, and biases in government housing policies and mortgage lending practices have had an enduring effect and have affected access to societal resources on an equal basis.  Although laws governing residential patterns have changed, the legacies of past policies and practices remain, and continually replicate socio-economic and political disparities between whites and racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S. and South Africa.

Join Dr. Valerie C. Johnson for a virtual information session on Tuesday, April 26:

DART Careers in Community Organizing 

Direct Action and Research Training (DART) is holding an online info session on Wednesday, April 13 at 6 pm EDT / 5 pm CDT to discuss careers in community organizing. All DePaul students and alumni welcome, particularly those graduating by December 2022. Sign up at

DART trains professional organizers and community organizations how to work for social, economic and racial justice, including:
* Holding police departments accountable
* Shutting down the school-to-prison pipeline
* Reining in predatory lenders
* Expanding access to primary health and dental care
* Prioritizing funding for affordable housing and job training
* Fighting for immigrants’ rights

Associate Community Organizer positions start August 8, 2022 and January 16, 2023 in cities below.
Starting salary $42,500-$44,000 + benefits.
Florida: Bradenton, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Miami, Pensacola, Sarasota, St. Petersburg
Kansas: Kansas City
South Carolina: Columbia, Greenville
Virginia: Charlottesville, Richmond

Lead Community Organizer positions start summer 2022 in cities below. Starting salary $50,000-$70,000 + benefits.
Florida: Melbourne, Fort Myers 
Kansas: Wichita
Nebraska: Lincoln

DART organizations are diverse coalitions including many low- and moderate-income, minority and immigrant communities. They strongly encourage people from these backgrounds, as well as fluent Spanish speakers and DACA recipients, to apply. To apply or learn more about DART, visit and find us on instagram and facebook @theDARTcenter. Still have questions? Contact or 202.841.0353.