Planning the 2022 Honors Ball

The Social Committee leaders of HSG are currently setting the plans in motion for the biggest Honors social event of the year, the Honors Ball!

This will be the first year since quarantine that the Honors program has held its annual Spring Quarter ball, an Honors-wide party held in DePaul’s Cortelyou Commons with dancing and snacks, and, most importantly, FUN!

Since the Honors Ball is such a big event for the program and since many of us on HSG haven’t had the opportunity to attend one before, the Social Committee wants to hear student ideas for themes and is looking for help putting the event together.

If you’re interested in working on the Ball, or if you have ideas for the theme/what’d you like to see at the Ball, please fill out this form for the Social Committee:

More information should be coming out soon once a theme is decided and COVID protocols are established. We hope to see you all there this Spring!

Online Feedback for the Honors Program

Hi, everyone!

As you know, the Honors Student Government is organizing an open forum for members of the Honors community to voice their opinions and propose future changes for the program. We understand that not everyone may be able to attend the event or that some might not feel comfortable sharing their opinions publicly, so HSG has created an anonymous online form for anyone in the program to fill out. We greatly appreciate your participation as we are always striving to meet the needs of students and we need your feedback to make that possible.

The form can be found here: Honors Feedback

If you ever have thoughts on the Honors program or Honors-affiliated events that you would want to share, please feel free to reach out to the blog editors. More on how to do that can be found here

Honors Open Forum

For anyone who has ever been to an Honors Student Government meeting, you know that we are constantly looking for student feedback and trying to devise new ways to improve the Honors program to best meet everybody’s needs. In our continued mission to ensure students get the most out of their Honors experience, HSG has planned an open forum event to be held after our meeting on Friday, January 21st. Students that attend the forum will be able to talk directly with the Honors faculty and propose changes they would like to see made to the Honors program in the future. We would love to see as many people there as possible! The event will be held in Room 103 in the Arts and Letters Hall and there will also be a chance to Zoom into the forum for those who would like to participate remotely. More information will be coming out soon from the Honors Student Government president, Elizabeth. See you then!

Honorable Mentions Autumn Quarter 2021

The latest edition of Honorable Mentions is here! Congratulations to the writers, artists, journalists, and photographers whose work is featured.  And a huge thanks to Julia Matuszek and Ben Stumpe, the editors who pulled it all together for us and created this beautiful publication. Check out the Autumn 2021 edition of the newsletter below.

What To Do in Chicago During A Pandemic

Looking for activities and things to do in quarantine while in Chicago? Even though we can’t enjoy some of the normal things that Chicago is best known for, there are quite a few things to do in the city, keeping in mind COVID guidelines and social distancing of course. HSG Social committee chairs Ben Stumpe and David Taullahu created this fun video to highlight what there is to do in the city. From going to Millennium Park, the Bean, the Art Institute, and so much more, Ben and David illustrate some fun FREE activities to do around the city. Since this is from two college student’s perspectives, it really shows that you can enjoy the city on a student budget during the pandemic. When you have some free time or want a break from Zoom, I suggest exploring some of these cool places in the video. Enjoy!!!

Click on this link to watch the whole video!

Word from the HSG President, Kurt Edlund

Hello Honors Students!

I’m Kurt Edlund, and I am the President of Honors Student Government for the 2020-2021 school year. I truly wish I was welcoming all Honors students–especially our incoming freshman–to DePaul on our beautiful campus in person, but that’s simply not possible. Our world looks nothing like what we all imagined it would look like.  Our dreams of a college experience are being challenged right now along with so many other facets of our daily lives. As we weather these hardships together, I want to make something very clear to all Honors students: we have each other. Going to college for the first time and having to make new friends can be a very daunting task, especially during a pandemic. That’s why all of us on the Honors Student Government Executive Board (HSG E-Board…DePaul is big on its use of acronyms!) is here for you. Whenever you have a question or concern that pops into your mind, send it my way. Don’t be afraid to reach out for what may seem like the simplest of questions because those simple questions are usually the most important to ask. And chances are pretty good that one of us will know the answer!  And if we don’t, we’ll find it, and get back to you! 

I am a senior this year and have loved every moment of my college career at DePaul. This is also my fourth year serving on the HSG E-Board where I’ve held various roles over the years including Honors Floor Representative, Academic Representative and Vice President. My academic passions lie in science where I am studying Physics, Math & Computer Science with a minor in Commercial Spanish. Before the pandemic changed everything, I lived on-campus every year of my college career because I loved being extremely active in campus life. Even though we all might not be on campus as much as we would like right now, I am not too far away from DePaul because I was born and raised in Downtown Chicago. I have loved living in the city and knew I wanted an urban college experience.  Through this wealth of knowledge about the city that is famously our campus, I am here (virtually) to welcome you all to our strangest year of school ever.  

In fact, the entire HSG E-Board has been collaborating over the summer to plan a very exciting Fall Quarter to welcome you all. As the beginning of a new school year approaches, we have many fun plans to share with you all.  From the HSG Meetings, Door Decorating Contests, Virtual Dance Parties, Movie Nights, Q & A Sessions and more, HSG is finding new ways to engage and commence a new school year. We may be geographically distant, but we are certainly connected.

I look forward to meeting you all virtually at our events soon!