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What If I Want to Transfer In?

Transferring is an option for DePaul freshmen interested in Honors. Here is more information about the application process.

The Spirit of DePaul Award

Celebrating our own Nancy Grossman in receiving the Spirit of DePaul Award!

TEDxDePaul: Carlos Roqués

Hear about Honors student Carlos Roqués’ experience preparing for the upcoming TEDxDePaul event.

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year from the Honors Blog!

Honors Distinction

Congratulations to the following Honors Program November and June graduates who have contributed so much to the Honors Program community while at DePaul.  Through their involvement, they have earned Honors Distinction.  We are very proud of these outstanding students who will wear an additional honor cord at Commencement and will receive an extra designation on … Read More

Missing the Little Things

Author: Elizabeth Ruda As a suburban commuter, I wasn’t one to hang around Chicago too long after class, but I started getting nostalgic the second everything went on lockdown. Managing Metra transfers and exploring the urban landscape gave me little daily quests, some tasks to accomplish. I enjoyed the growing sense of freedom that came … Read More

Like Love Contest Winners

On Thursday, February 16th, the Honors Program hosted Creative Writing Professor Michele Morano who did a reading and led a discussion of her latest collection of essays entitled Like Love.  Prior to Professor Morano’s reading, the winners of the Like Love creative writing competition read their work.   Listed below are the authors, and their … Read More

DePaul Campus = Ghost Town

Author: Vinnie Podlasek  Photo: Christina Milich The time is 8 a.m., I wake up with the same feeling as SpongeBob after a night at Weenie Hut Jr’s. Groggy and completely exhausted, I get dressed, and like usual, I’m wearing the same outfit as every Tuesday. I step outside into the chilling winter air, taking an … Read More

The Life of an Honors Playwright

Author: Morris Mclennan At six a.m. every morning, I wake up, drink a tall glass of fair trade biodynamic keto coffee that’s been flown in from an independent New York coffee shop, and I go on a run while listening to audiobook readings of Bertolt Brecht’s full theoretical discography. I then go home, change into … Read More

Finding Post-Quarantine Hope in The Amazing Race

Author: Liz Bazzoli I love travelling. I love the feeling of sand between my toes, the sunshine’s warmth on my skin, the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life mingling with the carefree meander of the tourist. Most of all I love the sensation of newness, that child-like joy for exploration which accompanies travelling.  From my very first … Read More

Delicious Pandemic Resolutions

Author: Erin Henze  The pandemic has halted many things over the last 10 months, but many people are still attempting to carry on with one tradition that always accompanies the start of a new year: New Year’s Resolutions.  We all know that it can be difficult to hold true to our resolutions for an extended … Read More

Pigeons, Walking, Writing, Oh My!

Author: Deyana Atanasova  If you’ve been referring to pigeons as “the rats of the sky,” you might want to reconsider your perspective.   That’s precisely what accomplished author and professor Kathleen Rooney asks readers to do when reading her newest novel, Cher Ami and Major Wjittlesey, which is told from two perspectives: an army soldier in WWI and a messenger pigeon. If you want to hear about it more in-depth and better than I could ever explain it, you can learn more about it here from Rooney herself.  Yet, even without reading … Read More

New Year, New Quarter, New Notion(s)

Author: Deyana Atanasova So, a bit over a year ago, in November of 2019, I downloaded TikTok. Say what you will about it, but I genuinely learn something new every day from that app (…yes, I go on it every day–I’m working on that).  One of the TikToks that I came across recently could not … Read More

A Very Special Event: Chicago Manual Cinema’s A Christmas Carol

Author: Jade Ryerson There are a lot of things we’ve all missed since the onset of the pandemic back in March. Luckily, the innovative team at Chicago’s Manual Cinema has ensured that live theater no longer has to be one of them. In a show suitable for all ages, Chicago Manual Cinema’s Christmas Carol combines … Read More

Meals and Snacks to Get You Through Finals Week!

Author: Morris McLennan                Finals week is here. I don’t know about anybody else, but I know I’m certainly operating at about 10% my usual brain capacity. Every morning I wake up and I check my New York Times daily email and I take fifty points of psychic damage. But of course, the one way … Read More


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