Are you a former Honors student Interested in being part of the Honors Alumni Network?

You would choose the means by which you’d like to be involved with current honors students, prospective honors students, and other honors alums.

Honors Alumni Panel – February 16, 2018

Possibilities for engagement include the following:

  • Attending honors events such as the Honors Student Conference, Speaker Series, Student Faculty Dinners, or Student Government activities.
  • Participating in panels for current or prospective students to discuss your life after DePaul and how your participation in honors might have informed it.
  • Serving as a mentor or networking source for current honors students.  
  • Allowing current students to shadow you for a day at your workplace.
  • Hiring honors students or recent graduates or finding internship opportunities for them.
  • Participating in honors events or classes as a speaker, student mentor, committee member, or alumni representative.
  • Attending “Honors Reunion” events.
  • Helping plan honors events including a possible Honors Program Anniversary Gala.
  • Assisting with honors fundraising efforts.

Please note that you will only be asked to participate in activities that you identify, and you will always be contacted for permission before your information is given out.

Honors Alumni Panel – February 19, 2016

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Nancy Grossman ( to…

  • Let her know if you’d like to be a part of an Honors Alumni Network
  • Highlight the above activities you’d be open to participating in

When you reach out to participate in the Honors Alumni Network, please let us know the following about your life after DePaul:

  • Graduate education
  • Current employment
  • Achievements
  • Family News
  • Other – whatever you want to share!
  • Best contact information (email/phone)