Why Should I Write for the Blog?

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Honors Hub or a frequent reader of the newsletter, then you’ve probably seen that Honors students have been writing and sharing a wide variety of work with us. Perhaps you’re already a regular contributor. Perhaps you’ve considered submitting something yourself. Do you need an extra nudge?

Writing is one of the most widely applicable skills you could have and possessing clarity of expression will get you far in life. We love to see student submissions, but these pieces benefit you just as much as they benefit us. To write is to establish good habits.

For the still trepidatious, here’s a brief list of reasons you should consider submitting to the blog!

Earn Honors Points

Did you know that every submission you make to the blog earns you an Honors point? If you have a packed schedule and can’t attend many Honors events, the blog is a chance to earn Honors Partnership on your own time. With Partnership, a new set of Honors opportunities opens up for you, like working in the Honors office or being an officer in the Honors Student Government.

Boosting a Resume or Portfolio

Having your work shared by a campus publication is something you can very easily flex. Yeah, I’ve been published. No big deal. Depending on your major or career path, you may need to start building an arsenal of writing samples and clips. There’s no better time to start than now! Writing for the blog is a great introductory experience and the editors here are eager to help you edit and perfect your piece so you can proudly add it to a portfolio.

Practice Makes Perfect

I’m in a major that requires a lot of writing. Writing is still like pulling teeth for me. It can truly be agony. But, as is true for most skills, you have to force yourself to establish good habits. Against all odds, you have to put the pen to paper. The blog is a commitment you can give yourself. With every post you write, no matter how small, you’re becoming a principled and stronger writer.

Attend Events

A lot of the submissions we receive are about Honors-related events that students have attended. We’ve had students write about the DePaul Art Museum, shows at The Theatre School, the Book Club, etc. Not only is this a way to get two Honors points, but by attending events you can also meet new people and see the different sides of DePaul.

Creative Outlet

Writing can take many forms. If you’re not an English major, you might not have many chances to experiment with creative writing or poetry. Let us be an outlet for you! Look through our posts and you’ll see that people have sent in short stories, book reviews, listicles, and poems; we’re open to anything you want to share! Even if you don’t want to share anything in writing but you have a cool photo or painting, we’re open to that too! We want to encourage your creativity!

Get Your Name Out There

You’d be surprised how many hits a post on the blog can get. Posts here get widely circulated throughout (and beyond) the program, and I can tell you from personal experience that there are professors who read student submissions to the blog. What a great way to get your name out there! If you’re interested in a leadership position in Honors, or if you just want people to recognize something that you’re proud of, submitting to the blog can help you build a good reputation. If nothing else, I’ll remember the person who took the time out of their day to send in a post about something they’re passionate about. You have my respect!

Hopefully, I could spark some inspiration for the aspiring writers out there! This a friendly reminder that if you’re ever interested in submitting something and would like to join our mailing list, or even just pitching an idea to us, contact honorsprogram@depaul.edu. We hope to hear from you soon!

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