Celebrating our New Honors Partners!

As you may know–and if you don’t, may I redirect you to this blog post–one of the three steps to graduating with Honors Distinction is Honors Partnership. A student earns Honors Partnership through active participation in the Honors community–attending events, contributing to the blog, or volunteering, just to give a few examples. 10 Honors Points, earned through attending events and participating in Honors opportunities, will earn you Honors Partnership. We are excited to announce that we have a new group of students who have earned Partnership! Thank you all for your contributions to our community!

Autumn 2022 Honors Partnership Students

  • Rifqa Alani
  • Isabella Ali
  • Hannah Aman
  • Aimun Anwer
  • Katelyn Evans
  • Jacob Garcia
  • Adelaide Garvey
  • Ella Grace
  • Alonso Guerrero
  • Kristine Ho
  • Christopher Hunsicker
  • Abigail Kane
    • Abby Kane is a freshman studying animation. She hopes to work in the entertainment industry on animated movies and TV shows after graduation. She also loves writing, dancing, and cats. She has loved exploring new topics in Honors classes and getting to meet new people! 
  • Adeline Kehrberg
  • Kristen Kokinias
  • Mollie McCormick
    • Mollie is a second-year integrative biology major with the hope of becoming a marine biologist. She enjoys being a plant mom and watching reality TV with her roommates. Her favorite part about being in the Honors program is getting to have intimate academic discussions, which is an advantage of small class sizes. 
  • Maggie Middleman
  • Alice Muller Pereira
  • Nicole Niyazov
  • Reese Pifer
  • Ean Rains
  • Ava Schraml
  • Adriana Valentin
    • Adriana Valentin has been a part of DePaul’s Honors Program since 2019, her freshman year. She began majoring in Business Administration, but later found her calling for Human Resources Management. Adriana is now pursuing a Combined Bachelor’s & Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, and has recently accepted an HR internship with PepsiCo. Adriana is incredibly excited to begin her career following her graduation this upcoming Spring, and is optimistic for what the future may hold. Some of Adriana’s favorite experiences from the Honors Programs have been the more intimate classroom settings, which really allowed her to create long-lasting relationships with her peers and her professors. She also found a great appreciation for the Peruvian and Italian culture, as she was able to take many history and ethics courses focused in these regions. 

This Friday (2/3) at 3:30 in ALH 112, Honors Student Government will be recognizing these students at its monthly meeting.

Honors Partnership is one of three requirements to meet Honors Distinction. Students who graduate with Distinction receive special recognition at graduation and will soon have their names displayed on a plaque in the Honors office. If you would like to become a Partner yourself, there are plenty of upcoming opportunities to earn Honors points like the monthly HSG meeting, the Honors Book Club, and the upcoming Vinegar Tom event. Follow the blog for information on new events and opportunities!

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