Welcome (and Welcome Back)!

Hello Honors students, new and returning!

If you can believe it, the 2022-2023 academic year is almost upon us. The next two weeks will see freshmen moving into their dorms, upperclassmen teaching freshmen the ropes (while relearning them themselves), students making their quarterly visit to the bookstore, and lines at the Fullerton Starbucks becoming exponentially longer.

As a student who started two years ago, in the Summer of 2020, it’s novel to witness this return to normalcy in regards to orientation and move-in. I can hardly believe that I am now among the upperclassmen ushering in this year’s freshmen. Though it hardly feels so in the thralls of classwork, college years travel at an extraordinary pace.

You have all hopefully had a lovely Summer, whether spent at home or abroad, and I am sure many stories are to be exchanged once the school year begins. The transition from academic reprieve to studying and homework may not be the most exciting–especially for those of us now hitting the upperclassman workload–but let there be comfort in reuniting with friendly faces and resuming familiar routines. Here at the Honors Program, we are making plans for the new year and have a line-up of events to welcome students back to campus.

The Honors Program’s annual Honors Retreat will be on September 6, during which incoming Honors students will learn more about the program as well as meet the Honors Student Government officers, Honors mentors, and Honors faculty members.

Once the school year officially begins, we will also announce the schedule for our biweekly Honors Student Government meetings as well as HSG-planned social and academic activities. Follow the Honors Blog and @hsgdpu on Instagram for up-to-date news regarding Honors events. (For more information about Honors Student Government, visit our HSG page and blog post).

We can’t wait to see everyone again! May this academic year be the best one yet!

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