Sheih, Rebekah

Freshman, College of Science and Health

Major: Neuroscience (Concentration in Cellular and Molecular)

Minor: Bioethics and Society

Honors Course: HON 105: Philosophical Inquiry

Faculty: Jason D. Hill, Department of Philosophy

Abstract: CRISPR is a genomic editing mechanism which holds the capacity to better or worsen the human condition. In this paper, Rebekah investigated whether or not CRISPR should be used on human heritable materials. As informed consent cannot be attained from future persons, it was found impossible to uphold self-sovereignty; CRISPR cannot be used ethically unless informed consent is gained from all affected individuals. To research this topic, I referenced field-experts, incorporating feedback from scientists, lawyers, and ethicists alike. Additionally, she gleaned information from religious texts and philosophical articles with the intent of reflecting a holistic perspective.

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