Jazwinski, Joseph

Senior, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Major: History

Minor: Spanish

Honors Class: HON 301: Junior Seminar in Multiculturalism

Faculty: Jason Schneider, Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse

Abstract: In Food Television and Otherness in the Age of Globalization, author Casey Ryan Kelly criticizes travel food programming of the early twenty-first century for its connections to globalism, imperialism, and colonialism. This essay uses Ugly Delicious and Chef’s Table as case studies to argue that recent food television moves from previous themes of ignorance and neocolonialism to a deeper appreciation of multiculturalism and hybridity. While far from perfect, each program nonetheless matches Kelly’s hope that newer shows will “strive to deeply contextualize the food cultures they visit, with their hosts explicitly acknowledging the ineffability of certain cultural exchanges.”

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