Honors Distinction

Congratulations to the following Honors Program November and June graduates who have contributed so much to the Honors Program community while at DePaul.  Through their involvement, they have earned Honors Distinction.  We are very proud of these outstanding students who will wear an additional honor cord at Commencement and will receive an extra designation on their transcripts.  

As a reminder, there are three steps to earning Honors Distinction:

  • Partnership: earning 10 points within the first two years through involvement in the honors community;
  • Leadership: assuming a board position on Honors Student Government, an editorial role for Honorable Mentions, an Honors Mentor position, or a student assistant job in the Honors Program office;
  • Scholarship: presenting research or creative work at the Honors Student Conference or completing an Honors Senior Thesis. 

Deyana Atanasova

Maiwenn Brethenoux

Helena Devens-Ortlieb

Miakoda Frost

Alyssa Isberto

Claire Kaczanowski

Carolyn Kedryna

Tuyet Anh Le

Amelia Modes

Justin Myers

Ryan Napue

Anissa Patterson

Harika Reddy

Cam Rodriguez

Megan Salloum

Caroline Schlegel

Sara Shahein

Shashank Srikanth

Mary Takgbajouah

Bhavi Vashi

Chandler Whitney

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